Holy Spirit's Music Program

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Choir 2018-2019 

The Auditioned Choir practices every Monday and Thursday 3:15-4:30
All members MUST attend. 
If a member is unable to attend a practice, they must speak to Ms. Carroll in advance. 

Congratulations to those who came out to audition!! A job well done!!  We are very excited about our choir for next year. It promises to be an awesome year!!

A very special thank-you to our grade eights who came out to audition. You guys were awesome!!! Unfortunately, we were not able to accept you all because of limited spots available and we try to have equal numbers in all levels so as to build a strong foundation. If you didn’t make it this year, please keep singing, and come out and try for next year!!!!

If your name is on the list and you’ve had time to think about the commitment that singing with us entails, and you feel that you can’t make that commitment, then please come see me ASAP so that someone else can have the chance.

Rehearsals will be Mondays and Wednesdays after school from 3:15-4:30. Please discuss with your parents to make sure that you are able to make both rehearsal times.

Because next year is a travel year, we will be having a parent meeting in the next little while to discuss our travel plans and to see how many choristers we have interested in making the trip.

We will post everything on our music website and on our twitter/facebook and will continue to tweet things out to keep you all in the loop!!  @HSHMusicProgram on twitter!

We will be in touch shortly!!!

Please let your parents know that we will be having a Parent Meeting, next Monday, June 18th at 7:00 in my room 130 to discuss travel plans for next year! It is very important that all members have a representative there at that time so we can make plans! :) Looking forward to it!

Melody Rodgers                   
Claire Bates
Kaitlyn Walsh
Kati Whalen
Sara Gambin
Claire Gillingham
Mikayla Mayo
Emma Forristall

Jenna James/Sop
Caroline Gatehouse/Sop
Maria O'Neill/Alto
Makayla Wall/Alto
Rachael Moores/Sop
Leah Hurley/Sop
Claire Flemming/Alto

Sarah O'Neill
Abby Briffett
Grace O'Reilly
Maggie Drover
Maria McGann
Carina Korchowski
Sara Benoit
Cassandra Butt

Noah French
Nick Young
Adam Burke
Eric Elliott
Ethan Bursey
Jared Mercer

Peter Noel
Richard Whittle
Nick Ball
Colin Baker