Holy Spirit's Music Program

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Choir practices every Monday at 2:30-3:30
All members must attend. 
If a member is unable to attend a practice, they must speak to Ms. Carroll in advance. 


Members who are having difficulty with their part singing are suggested to bring an electronic device (such as their phone or iPod) to record their part as it is being instructed. In this manner, they will be able to practice at home and grow as a member in a musical ensemble!!

Abbey Sullivan

Abigail Garrett

Alesha King

Alia Ball

Alyssa Fradsham

Alyssa Power

Brianna Ivey

Brianna Power

Brooke Lawlor

Caera Keough

Carina Korchoski

Carlie Ball

Chelsea Critch

Curtis Chafe

Elizabeth Blake

Emily Howe

Emily Malloy

Erin Burt

Hailey Kennedy

Haley Haskell

Hannah Brinson

Hannah Rowsell

Haylee Field

Heather Blake

Hilary Oldford

Ian Brake

Jamie Tucker

Jenna James

Jenna Slaney

Jessalyn Collins

Joel Stead

Kaitlyn Walsh

Kyle Peyton

Lauren Ward

Leah Hewitt

Leah Kelly

Madelyn Meadus

Makayla Wall

Mason Martin

Matt Fillier

Megan Wiseman

Melody Rodgers

Morgan Sooley

Nathan Mackey

Nicole Power

Noah Parsons

Rachel Durnford

Rebecca Oake

Regan Walsh

Robyn Harte

Samantha Hallett

Sara Gambin

Sarah Hynes

Sarah O’neill

Tara Thistle

Vanessa Cluett

Victoria Deir